Episode 28 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year, back again for 2017, dusting off the cob webs.

HERBBOXX advises you not to be scared for 2017, but Govern yourself.

If we gonna say; New Year, New You, let us start with growing your own, and make cannabis an open conversation. NO more under-bed stashes, locks on boxes , and buying weed at the back of a house.  If you are a professional, then you are a professional who smokes.  Or the one still at home with Mom, then your a momma’s boy or girl {or bum}, who smokes.  Embrace who you are.

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Episode 20 – Old Music vs. New Music

If you get a chance, sit down with some of your young family members or older family members and listen to music.  I can tell you that it will be something to remember… Now if you are so old to where you have to crank up the record player to play the music PLEASE forget it, but if you have that Phonograph you are sitting on a bundle of money. Herbboxx.com

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