Episode 32- Weed and Music

Weed and Music episode. We paid tribute to the greats that have passed away…Like the Godfather’s of fusion jazz, Larry Coryell, Al Jarreau, and Chuck Berry.  We give a salute to these great men. We review the top vape pens and check out some crazy research is done in Canada, ya gotta hear it!

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Episode 29 – New Herbboxx

It”s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you without a dope ass Podcast to step too!  I will say it was well worth it, cause the new Herbboxx is done! This box is made out of Hemp, yes Hemp.  We’ll talk about the need for all people to use Hemp made products, let’s not just smoke it, but use it.

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Episode 28 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year, back again for 2017, dusting off the cob webs.

HERBBOXX advises you not to be scared for 2017, but Govern yourself.

If we gonna say; New Year, New You, let us start with growing your own, and make cannabis an open conversation. NO more under-bed stashes, locks on boxes , and buying weed at the back of a house.  If you are a professional, then you are a professional who smokes.  Or the one still at home with Mom, then your a momma’s boy or girl {or bum}, who smokes.  Embrace who you are.

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