Episode 40 – Self Evaluation

This episode,  I discuss the Cannabis Business holding a mirror up to themselves, and i start with myself. Hate to prejudge…however I have brought much criticism on myself.  I am trying to clean up stereotypes, while still holding on to others.  Smoke and reflect, half of year is over, lets finish 2017 strong.

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Episode 39 – Viagra, Tequila , Girl Scout Cookies and Cannabis

Hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the Manchester Terrorist Attack, in England.
On a high note, we discuss the victims of the NBA playoffs.As well as the stupid machine that is supposed to be able to detect if you are smoking cannabis and driving, Good Luck with that !
Check out the grow tips for the week, pest management
meekmind.com for your media needs and herbboxx.com for the boxes
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Episode 38 – Being a Caregiver

We all care for this plant and the culture we express it through our music, fashion, and political stand. I think it’s due time for us to use the plant as a healing agent not only for the body but a holistic healing,  with today’s climate dealing with political and healthcare issues we all need to just smoke and chill. Let’s use the plant to help heal those who may be dealing with problems with their healthcare issues, the elderly or your friend that may be suffering from some disease it’s not just about smoking give them an edible or maybe some cannabis lotion this episode is about being a caregiver.

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