Episode 52 – ​“ Time to be Responsible”

We focus taking responsibility as a Cannabis community by talking openly about things that might be a problem in the future. We are a pro-actives community so I thought it would be nice to crumble some herb and sit a chat a bit.
Some of the topics that we touch on is Growing Organic, keeping the environment Green and Safe, Teaching the Adults and the Kids about Cannabis the do”s and don”t.
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Episode 45 – Can Civil Right and Cannabis Rights be fought together?

We dedicate this Episode to Heather, in North Carolina and others that were injured in Virginia due to the protests that got out of hand and were not called for. We posed a question, can the same energy we use to fight for Cannabis rights and laws , can we use it for The fight when it comes to civil rights? We discuss the growing population of Cannabis users in America as well as growing tips and product review, Flying skull and Vita Grow.
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