Episode 57 – ​“ Kanye West – second hand smoke ”

Today in our podcast we discuss Kanye West and the fact he may have stepped into the background for a little bit on the music scene. We also ask the question: “Does Kanye miss hip pop or does hip hop miss Kanye?” We listen to some of his music like Heart Breaks and the Pablo album, you’ll love it.  We talk about how the dangers of secondhand smoke can have on your body…and how your lungs can return back to normal after a certain time.  Remember that all smoke is harmful to the body regardless of it’s contents. If you are looking for other alternatives you can try edibles, oils, or, lotions.  Thanks to the coast of Maine, we have grow tips using lobster meal to add to your soil yielding some impressive results.  Also remember stay up to date with meekmind.com, and for all
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Episode 54 – “New Friends, New Hustle”

This episode I was blessed to chomp it up with two new friends,
Chris the Super Promoter and Rob Noregea. We just touched on both of their hustle, don”t worry I am going to have them on again to drop jewels and nuggs, Speaking of nuggs, Rob speaks of his Cannabis business Rob Nuggs. Stay tune in and hater-free, cause we will be speaking with Rob and going in depth with his new single.
Chris got his hand on the Colorado scene everything from music to of course smoke, cannabis smoke that is You DIG..
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Episode 52 – ​“ Time to be Responsible”

We focus taking responsibility as a Cannabis community by talking openly about things that might be a problem in the future. We are a pro-actives community so I thought it would be nice to crumble some herb and sit a chat a bit.
Some of the topics that we touch on is Growing Organic, keeping the environment Green and Safe, Teaching the Adults and the Kids about Cannabis the do”s and don”t.
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Episode 53 – “feat Whit Paige”

Hey to all my Stilletho Stoner, Happy Turkey Day Coming up. And Black Friday alerts as well.
Sat and talked with the wonderful Whitni Paige , L’s wife. Great personality hand touch. 
Warmed our hearts with talk on kids and how girls think in modern pop culture. 
Listen up you will catch the nuggets flowing through out this episode.
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